The magic of Chiropractic!

Friday 1st of February in DP @ 19.00.


We invite you to experience how much MORE is possible with Chiropractic.

  • You will learn how to help people have less pain & stress AND become stronger, more adaptable, have more energy, improving their health & quality of life.
  • Know the fundamentals for a successful practice – producing results beyond what you and your patients imagined was possible.

Marco Di Modugno, graduated from AECC in 2006. He owns 2 clinics and co-founded the Kiropraktikk & Helse group comprising 4 clinics in Norway. The clinics are multidisciplinary with chiropractors, physiotherapist, psychologist, acupuncturist, massage therapist, nutritional therapist, and yoga.

* The clinics center around Chiropractic as a growth model helping people who seek MORE in their health and life to: create change, achieve results and develop new strategies to improve their health and quality of life. *

Marco is a member of several international mastermind groups; coaching Chiropractors on Chiropractic mastery, patient and practice management. He continuously surrounds himself with leaders in the Chiropractic field for personal development and professional Mastery.

* After the talk we invite the attendees for pizza in college *